Gosnell Properties: International Gateway


The owners/managers of International Gateway, Gosnell Properties, are located on site, bringing a high service level to tenants—a “hospitality mentality,” from this Marriott and Hilton award-winning developer.

Management with a Personal Touch

Barry GosnellWhether it’s Barry Gosnell’s personal holiday greetings, or a timely, face-to-face solution for any problems that might arise, it’s our tradition to offer you full accessibility.

Engineering Your Total Satisfaction

Our dedicated team of engineers and support staff will always greet you with a friendly smile, and prompt resolution of all of your concerns and questions.

The Finest Building Automation System

International Gateway boasts an Andover building automation system, whose continuously updated state-of-the-art software allows us to monitor and control every building function instantly.

Management With a Personal Touch

Management With a Personal Touch