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What We Do

Asset Management Design & Development Property Management

Gosnell Properties currently focuses on asset management of its two commercial buildings in Tysons, design and development related to capital and tenants improvements, and property management. From hands-on experience in raw land development to on-site property management, Gosnell Properties has held each role in the commercial real estate development and ownership life-cycle making the company well-equipped to be a successful owner/operator of 8100 and 8130 Boone Blvd.

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Gosnell Properties believes its dual role as building owner and on-site property management company greatly benefits 8100 and 8130 Boone Blvd tenants. From the Board of Directors’ capital improvement strategy to maintenance staff daily checklists, goals across the Gosnell Properties organization are fully aligned. Alignment improves communication, productivity and and employee satisfaction. All ultimately advancing tenant experience.